Best All Round Fujifilm X-T3 Setting for Street Photography | For me.

After reading Mastering Street Photography by Brain Lloyd Duckett. It is evident I shouldn't be doing everything manually, as it wastes time while doing street photography. You will end up missing a shot if you are always having to amend settings manually. These are the settings I will be using for all my projects going forward, unless there is a certain style of images such as blur.

Aperture Priority | F8

Auto ISO | Set between 1000 min - 6400 Max

Auto Shutter Speed | 150 min

Manual Focus | Zone Focusing + Back button focus just in case.

This is so I can just concentrate on getting the image. With the ISO set to a min1000, it makes sure my shutter speed is fast enough to freeze motion. F8 allowed me to zone focus and make sure everything is in focus, and with setting up back button focus I have the best of both worlds just in case I need to adujst focus quickly.

I have realised that it doesn't matter about noise in your street photography. It's more about freezing and capturing a sharp image. With the film simulations I use as well from Fuji X Weekly I have grain set to weak or strong anyway so the noise isn't an issue at ISO 1000 and above. If I need to adjust exposure all I need to do is ride the exposure compensation dial.

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