My First Year Selling Stock Photography | Wirestock

After trying to do stock photography on my own I realised how much effort is required to upload keyword etc. Then I came across the gems at Wirestock. You upload your images and they upload to 7 different agencies as you can see on the screen shot above. If these are for comercial use they will even do all the keywording for you. How ever if editorial you will have to fill all the meta data in yourself but at least you do not have to upload to each place and redo all the meta data each time.

Above is a break down of how much i made each week of the year of 2020. This does not include the instant pay monday so $187 is missing from this chart. You can see december i made less that $3 but in total $75.26 this month due to instant pay. I have only uploading 724 images this year and reciving a total $253.39 from images that were taken while out and about on holidays and just in local areas. These would have only been sat on a hard drive if not on wirestock.

By no means is this quick and easy money that will make you rich. But if your like mean and a lot of images are just sat on your hard drive, why not upload to wirestock and see how much you can earn.

If you fancy looking into wirestock please use this link. This is a referal link so i will get a kick back (from wirestock not off the money you make) if any of your images sell for 2 years.

I think this might make a great little post each month going forward we shall see. Thats it for this year. Time to start planning for 2021 to try grow this website. Happy New Year.

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