Taking On Brian Lloyd Duckett's | Mastering Street Photography Assignments.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

After buying my first photography book, 'Mastering Street Photography' by Brain Lloyd Duckett. It's obvious I have been doing things all wrong. I need to start capturing images in the form of projects, working on around 3 at a time. Working towards a body of work that is to a certain theme, using this site as a place to show case them. Not just going out with no sense of direction, capturing random images and posting to instagram.

The assignments from Brian's book I really want to try and make in to projects are:

  • Alone

  • Blur

  • Objects

With these in mind I am going to use one lens through out, one aspect ratio for each project and shoot JPEG only using film simulation recipes from 'FujiXweekly'. No post processing allowed. I want this site to showcase what fujifilm cameras are capable of. Without the need to sit behind a computer editing images for hours, giving me more time to be out in the field capturing new images and creating posts for this website.

Below I have listed the main elements for each project I will be sticking too.

Project #1 | Alone

Task - Capture the loneliness of the city

Aspect Ratio - 1:1

Lens - 35mm f2

Film Simulation - Black & White | Kodak Tri-X 400

Project #2 | Blur

Task - Capture a set of images showing movement

Aspect Ratio - 3:2 Landscape only

Lens - 35mm f2

Film Simulation - To be determined

Project #3 | Objects

Task - Focus attention on a particular type of object. I think I will need to hit the streets to figure where I want to go with this. In my mind I am thinking 'Litter'

Aspect Ratio - 1:1

Lens - 35mm f2

Film Simulation - To be determined

Working towards these 3 projects at a time, should give me plently to look for while im out in the city. Once this COVID-19 lockdown is out the way, hopefully can start hitting the city to begin this journey.

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